Registration of cz domains

We are an accredited cz and ENUM domain registrar.

By the means of Domain Master application we offer a complete domain, contact, nsset and keyset administration in the .CZ and zone

The high level of quality

.CZ Domain administrator CZ.NIC in cooperation with the association APEK (Association for Electronic Commerce) has designed and implemented a project for a certification of .CZ domain registrars to help the potential buyers of .CZ domains get information about the level of services offered by individual registrars and at the same time to help the registrars make their services more user-friendly for the end customers. More information about the registrar certification project can be found at the website CZ.NIC.

In September 2013 we received 5 stars, the highest possible rating.

DNS hosting

For .CZ domains, we offer free DNS servers and DNSSEC protection, which you can activate in just one click.
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With .CZ and ENUM domains we support the DNSSEC technology, that brings a significant improvement in domain record zone security against falsification.


The purpose of ENUM is to connect a telephone number and IP service information.
Until further notice, we offer ENUM registration for free.